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How to configure SAP GUI on Mac

Post Series: SAP for Mac Users

This document will explain how to configure SAP GUI on Mac. SAP GUI on Mac setting is different than SAP GUI setting on window. When you Install SAP GUI on Mac you will get the below screen,

SAP GUI for Java

Step 1 Click on “Add New Connection”

Step 2 Go to Advance

Go to “Advance” Tab

Step 3 Click on “Expert Settings”

Step 4 Write Conection String

1. Write any description as per your wish Ex, IDES Conenction, PRD Server Or QAS System

2. Write your connection string as shown below

Ex, conn=/H/XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/S/3200&clnt=800


Client = 800


More Example of connection String

In its simplest form, a connection string contains an IP address and a port number. This information is sufficient for SAPGUI for the Java Environment to open a direct TCP connection to a destination, for example, an application server. IP address and port number are marked with the prefixes ‘/H/’ (for host) and ‘/S/’ (for service). Note that the portnumber for an SAP application server is by convention 3200 plus the two-digit SAP system number.

Example for a simple connection string with an application server’s IP address ( and portnumber (3200):


If your network environment supports DNS (Domain Name Services), a hostname can be used instead of the IP address in all kinds of connection strings. (This requires a correct DNS configuration at the front-end computer, for example, using the /etc/hosts file).

Example with an application server’s hostname ( and portnumber (3200):


If your network environment supports symbolic service names for well-known ports, the symbolic service name can be used instead of the port number in all kinds of connection strings (this requires a correct service configuration at the frontend computer, for example, in the /etc/services file). Note that SAP application server ports are named ‘sapdp<SID>’ by convention where <SID> is the SAP system ID.

Example with host name ( and symbolic service name (sapdpIWD):


Simple connection strings need not be resolved by the GUI application. Resolution of host names and symbolic service names is done by the operating system’s network layer.

Step 5 : Connect SAP GUI for Java

Select your connection and click on connect

Step 6 Logon to SAP and njoy!

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