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How to create eBooks

A joint venture
  • Creation of SAP ebooks and publish it is a joint effort you and SAPebooks Team.
  • These are steps needs to followed to convert your knowledge in ebooks with us.
  • We will be happy to help you at all the stage of ebooks creation.
  • Feel free to contact us for any clarification at
ebooks creation process
How to create eBooks
Step by Step

1. Sign Up : As Author
  • If you do not have author account, signup as author with us.
  • If you already have author account simply login
  • It will help you to manage your products (ebooks) at real time.
  • You can check your account for sales and available balance.
  • You can maintain your profile and other information with us.
  • You can withdraw money from your available funds only.

Sign Up | Login

2. Identity the subject to write
  • It is best to choose your expertise area of you SAP
  • If you have expertize knowledge of any specific module of SAP , you can create various documents like, configuration documents, end users manual, concept presentation, data migration or any problem solution documents.
  • Your innovative idea to create any specific documents or solution tool kit are also welcome to be published with us.

3. Download template
  • Checkout our “download template” section and download the template as per your need.
  • These template are to help you for faster creation of ebooks.
  • If you find any specific template is not available to download, you can request for the same.
  • If you are creating a documents or tool which should not follow the given template (ex. Video demo) you can use your own template.

Download Template

4. Write your document & Submit to Publish
  • You should write your ebooks based on your knowledge and experience.
  • You should write in the given template unless it is required to be in deferent format (ex, video demo, ABAP code LSMW format, BC Set, .)
  • You can submit your product under manage product section. You need to login and to your author account section.

5. SAPebooks team will review and transform
  • Review & get back to you for any clarification.
  • Convert, if required to publish it on pdf, ibooks, mobi, chm or kindle format
  • Our designer team will create nice cover and product image for your ebooks.
  • Send the document back for your review, it may take 4-7 working days depends upon your documents.

6. SAPebooks Team will publish
  • SAPebooks Team will publish it on your confirmation.
  • Document will be published on and ready for sales.
  • Our Marketing team will help to improve sales of your product.

7. Manage your account online with us
  • You can manage your products (ebooks)
  • Check your sales status
  • Check your account balance
  • You can request for payment
  • Manage your earning

For any clarification contact us at