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ISU FICA (Contract Accounts) Configuration Document


Learn sap FICA configuration. This document explains SAP IS utility contract accounts (FICA) configuration and in step by step manner with the help of system screenshots. This document has 297 pages of pdf file (other ebooks formats) which cover FICA configuration in detail.

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SAP IS Utility FICA Confoguration Documents

This document explain SAP IS Utility Contract Accounts (FICA) Configuration and in step by step manner with the help of system screenshots.

This is set of 297 page of pdf files (also available in CHM, ePub and mobi format) which cover FICA configuration in detail manner. This document is very useful for all SAP IS Utility consultant and or who are having aspiration to be SAP IS Utility consultant. This document helps you to understand SAP IS Utility Contract Accounts (FICA) configuration in systematic manner and you need not to waste your time in SPRO for SAP IS Utility Contract Accounts (FICA).

You can use this document for learning and implementing projects. This Document cover following subjects in detail manner.

Organizational Units

Basic Functions

  • Application Area
  • Contract Accounts
  • Posting And Documents
  • Open Item Management
  • Account Balance Display
  • Withholding Taxs
  • Print Workbench
  • Correspondence
  • Check Management
  • Customer Contacts

Business Transactions

  • Security Deposits
  • Payments
  • Interest Calculation
  • Dunning Notices
  • Returns
  • Write Offs
  • Transfers
  • Reversal


Details of above topics are given below,

Organization Structure

  • Organisation Structure 
  • Set Up Company Codes for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable 
  • Define Company Code Groups
  • Assign Company Codes to Company Code Groups 

Basic Functions

ISU FI CA Application Area Configuration Document

ISU FI CA Contract Account Configuration Document

  • Contract Accounts Configuration Overview
  • Define Account Determination IDs for Contract Accounts 
  • Define Account Determination IDs for Contracts 
  • Define Number Ranges 
  • Configure Contract Acct Categories and Assign Number Ranges 
  • Configure Field Attributes for Contract Account Category 
  • Configure Field Attributes per Activity 
  • Define Field Groups for Authorization Check 

ISU FI CA Postings and Documents Configuration Document

  • Postings and Documents Overview 
  • Maintain Central Settings for Posting 
  • Maintain User-Specific Posting Settings 
  • Maintain Document Number Ranges 
  • Define Lock Reasons for Posting Locks 
  • Define Rounding Rules for Currencies 
  • Maintain Document Types and Assign Number Ranges 
  • Maintain Default Document Types for Invoicing 
  • Maintain Document Assignments 
  • Maintain Main Transactions 
  • Maintain Sub-Transactions 
  • Define Period Keys 
  • Define Account Assignments for Automatic Postings 
  • Define CO Account Assignment Keys 
  • Store CO Account Determination Key for IS-U Contracts 
  • Define Account Assignments for Down Payments and Charges 
  • IS-U: Define Acct Assignment Data Relevant to Transactions 
  • General Ledger Posting Totals 
  • Define Line Layout Variants for Posting Totals 
  • Select Fields for Search Function 
  • Select Fields for Sort Function 
  • Tolerance Groups for Amount Limits 
  • Define Tolerance Groups 
  • Assign Tolerance Groups to Users

ISU FI CA Clearing Variant Configuration Document

  • Clearing Variants 
  • Define Specifications for Clearing Types 
  • Open Item Management 

ISU FI CA Account Balance display Configuration Document

  • Account Balance Display 
  • Define Line Layout Variants for Account Balance 

ISU FI CA With Holding Tax Configuration Document

  • Withholding Tax
  • Check Sub transactions for Withholding Tax Relevance 
  • Define Withholding Tax Code 
  • Define Formulas for Withholding Tax Calculation 
  • Account Assignments for Withholding Tax Postings with Outgoing Payments 
  • Account Assignments for Withholding Tax Postings with Incoming Payments 

ISU FI CA Print Workbench Configuration Document

  • Print Workbench 
  • Define Standard Texts 
  • Define application forms

ISU FI CA Correspondance Configuration Document

  • Correspondence 
  • Define Correspondence Types 
  • Define Charge Types for Correspondence 
  • Configure Charge Schedules for Correspondence 
  • Configure Correspondence Variants 

ISU FI CA Check Management Configuration Document

  • Check Management 
  • Specify Component for Reconciling Check Deposits 
  • Define Document Type for Check Encashment 
  • Define Bank Clearing Account for Encashment of Outgoing Check 
  • Expense and Revenue Accounts for Posting Cashed Outgoing Check 
  • Settings for Check Creation 
  • Define Number Range Intervals for Outgoing Checks 
  • Define Void Reasons for Checks 
  • Assign Bank Accounts for Online Check Printing 
  • Define Details for Lots for Manual Outgoing Checks 
  • Define Line Layout Variants for Lots for Manual Outgoing Check 
  • Define Check Clearing Account for Outgoing Checks

ISU FI CA Customer Contact Configuration Document

  • Customer Contacts 
  • Define Number Ranges for Customer Contacts 
  • Define Object Roles 
  • Define Customer-Contact Classes/Actions 
  • Define Customer Contact Types 
  • Define Priorities 
  • Define Customer Contact Directions 
  • Define Additional Customer Contact Information 
  • Define Customer Information 
  • Define Configurations 
  • Define Configuration Determination 

Business Transactions

ISU FI CA Security Deposit Configuration Document

  • Security Deposits Overview 
  • Define Number Ranges for Security Deposits 
  • Define General Parameters for Security Deposits 
  • Create Special Definitions for Security Deposits 
  • Define Request Reasons for Securities 
  • Define Status of Non cash Security Deposits 
  • Define Non cash Security Deposit Categories 
  • Define Default Values for Cash Security Deposit Interest Calculation 
  • Define Reversal Reasons for Security Deposits 
  • Define Types of Notes for Security Deposits 
  • Maintain Specifications for Transfer of Security Deposits 
  • Maintain Specifications for Reversing Transfer of Sec. Dep. 
  • Define Specifications for Clearing of Cash Security Deposits 
  • Define Specifications for Cash Security Deposit Int. Calc. (Mass Proc.) 
  • Assign Withholding Tax Code to Main and Sub-Transactions

ISU FI CA Payment Configuration Document

  • Processing Incoming and Outgoing Payments 
  • Cash Desk/Cash Journal 
  • Maintain Specifications for Cash Desk/Cash Journal 
  • Define Cash Desk Clearing Accounts 
  • Define Document Type for Payment Category 
  • Define Short Account Assignments for Transfer Postings to Cash Desk 
  • Define Master Data for Cash Journal 
  • Cash Journal: Define Accts for Exp./Rev. Diffs from Cash Pay 
  • Cash Journal: Specifications for Posting Cash Desk Deposits 
  • Cash Journal: Define Currency Units of Currency Sheet 
  • External Payment Collectors 
  • Define External Payment Collectors 
  • Define Payment Collector Codes for Payment Lots 
  • Account Determination for Payment Confirmation 
  • Receipt Management 
  • Define Specifications for the Management of Receipts 
  • Maintain Number Ranges for Receipt Printing 
  • Define Reasons for Repeat Print 
  • Define Screen Variants for Payment Lot 
  • Maintain Document Type Specifications for the Migration of Payment 
  • Define Default Values for Payment Lot 
  • Define Default Values for Check Lot 
  • Define Default Values for Credit Card Lots 
  • Define Default Values for Payment Order Lots 
  • Define Bank Clearing Accounts for Payment Lots 
  • Define Clarification Account 
  • Define Clearing Account for Check Deposit 
  • Define Specifications for Repayment of Incoming Payments 
  • Check Number Ranges for Repayment Requests 
  • Define Short Account Assignments for Transfer Postings 
  • Incoming/Outgoing Payment Creation 
  • Define Payment Methods 
  • Define Specifications for Paying Company Code 
  • Define Accounts for Payment Program 
  • Maintain Bank Selection 

ISU FI CA Line Item Interest Calculation Configuration Document

  • Item Interest Calculation 
  • Define Reference Interest Rates 
  • Define Percentage Rates for Reference Interest Rates 
  • Define Interest Calculation Rules 
  • Define Interest Key 
  • Maintain Amount Limits for Debit/Credit Interest 
  • Define Interest Lock Reasons 
  • Define Specifications for Interest Calculation 
  • Activate Additional Functions for Interest Calculation 
  • Define Clearing Reasons for Which Interest is not Calculated 
  • Define Specifications for the Mass Run 
  • Balance Interest Calculation 
  • Assign Withholding Tax Code to Main and Sub-Transactions

ISU FI CA Dunning Configuration Document

  • Define Charge Categories for Dunning 
  • Define Document Types for Dunning Charge Categories 
  • Configure Charge Schedules for Dunning Procedure 
  • Define Specifications for Interest on Arrears 
  • Configure Dunning Activities 
  • Define Dunning Lock Reasons 
  • Define Time-Dependent Creditworthiness Weightings

ISU FI CA Return Configuration Document

  • Returns 
  • Configure Returns Reasons 
  • Assign Return Reasons to House Banks 
  • Define Bank Clearing Account for Returns 
  • Define Clarification Accounts for Returns 
  • Define Charges Accounts for Returns 
  • Define Account Assignments for New Items with Returns 
  • Determine Document Type and Clearing Reason for Returns 
  • Define Field Selection 

ISU FI CA Write off Configuration Document


  • Write-Offs 
  • Define Write-Off Reasons 
  • Define Specifications and Default Values for Write-Off 
  • Define Specs and Default Values for Mass Write-Offs 
  • Automatic G/L Account Determination for Write-Offs 
  • Automatic G/L Account Determination for Writing Off Value Adjustments

ISU FI CA Transfer Configuration Document

  • Transfers 
  • Define Transfer Reasons 
  • Define Default Value for Transfer Reason 
  • Define Specifications and Default Values for Transfer 
  • Define Specifications Dependent on Transfer Reason 
  • Define Transactions for Transferring Items

ISU FI CA Reversal Configuration Document

  • Reversal 
  • Define Alternative Accounts for Reversal in Following Year 
  • Define Default Values for Reversal 
  • Define Specifications for Clearing Item 

ISU FI CA Integration Configuration Document

  • Integration 
  • Sales and Distribution Integration 
  • Define Posting to FI-CA for Customer Account Groups 
  • Derive Main/Sub-Transaction from SD Information 
  • Derive Document Type from SD Billing Doc Data 
  • General Ledger Accounting 
  • Define Posting Specifications for General Ledger Transfer 
  • Controlling 
  • Maintain Field Assignment for Profitability Analysis 

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU Code SEBK100750
Title ISU FICA (Contract Accounts) Configuration Document
Language English
Author SAP ebooks Team
Files Details 297 Pages, 1 File, 4 Formats
Format PDF , CHM, ePub, Mobi, ZIP
Size (Approx) 20.7 MB
Version | Date 01 JUN 2015, V 1.0
SAP Version ECC 6.0
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Disclaimer We are not linked with SAP AG or any of SAP subsidiary. Our documents are not SAP official education materials.


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