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Payment Rules

Payment Rules

Author Commission
  • Author Commission : 60% of net sales.
  • Net Sales = Gross Sales - Any discount given to buyer - Any promotional offer given to buyer.
  • As a author you agree with all the discount or promotion policy current and future by

1. Hold for 60 days
  • All the sales transaction will be on hold for 60 days for customer satisfaction period. As an organization we assume that if buyer do not claim any discrepancy or issue with the document for 60 days, it will be good sales. Money generated from the good sales will be given back to document authors.
  • All the sales transaction will be put on hold for 60 days from the date of the transaction. It will be showing the status as hold in your account. After 60 days if no claim or dispute has been raised by buyer this money will move to your available fund.
  • You can withdraw money from your available funds only.

2. Minimum Payment USD 100
  • Payments are made on a monthly schedule.
  • If your available account balance reaches $100.00 in any month, we'll send your payment before the end of the following month, provided there are no holds on your account. For example, if your account balance reaches the payment threshold during November, we'll send you a payment at the end of December.
  • You may opt for not to get the monthly payment and request for your payment as per your requirement given.

3. Payment Request
  • If your available fund balance is more that USD 100, you may request for withdraw this money.
  • We may process your payment during the month also based on your instruction.

4. Payment Method
  • PayPal Account : We like to make payment to your PayPal account. You can withdraw money to your bank account from your PayPal Account. You should have PayPal account to receive money. You should also update your PayPal account in your profile section.
  • If you do not have PayPal account, you can signup any time and update in your profile section for payment processing. Visit to get your account, It is free of cost!!. Note: Any charges levied by PayPal for the receiving money will be taken by author only.
  • Other Methods : If you do not have PayPal account or If you can not have PayPal account and you wish you receive money in your Skrill account or in your Bank Account through wire transfer, we can make some special arrangement with some additional cost (Transfer charges) with you. You need to contact us at We can try to make suitable arrangement for you.

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