Welcome to SAP ebooks!

Rules of Writing

No Copyright content We do not tolerate any part of your document is from any copyright material. Your document must not be partially / fully copied from any copyright material.
  • It should not copied from any standard official SAP documents
  • It should not be giving any name of company or reference to any actual company

Innovation welcome

Innovation is a new idea. Innovation can be viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements. Innovation within SAP can be new idea to handle with any business or technical requirements. If you think you have change your way of working by applying SAP solution, it is ideal to create a document.

Any innovation big or small are welcome to be your ebooks with us.

SAP Documents

Your document should be related to SAP. You may also create documents which may not be directly related SAP but deals with the system which may have interface with SAP.
Your documents may be on any subjects and module of SAP, it may be related to,

  • Business blueprints template
  • Business process documents
  • Sales presentation document
  • Overview or SAP concepts for any sap module 
  • SAP Configuration documents
  • SAP problem and solution documents 
  • SAP error handling documents
  • SAP migration documents
  • SAP industry specific documents
  • SAP Country specific documents
  • SAP T Code related documents like T-Code / Functions / Authorization objects / functional module used etc,
  • SAP Technical documentation for functional module / BAPI / BADI / BTE 
  • SAP Special Development documents (Like FS for common development / Technical specification / Program code)
  • Or any other sap documents which can be used by other person in SAP community.
Other Rules
  • Author may or may not disclosed his/her identity for the sale of document.
  • Documents should ideally be in English. Documents may be in other language too but in such cases author must disclose his/her identity and able to handle query for such document.
  • Document should be in specified format. Check out "templates" section.
  • reserve the right to reject any document at any point of time without stating any reason for the same.
  • Published document will be open for customer review.
  • Author is responsible to replay for all basic query related to document.
  • In the case of disqualifying the document on basis of non compliance of policy and reported abuse by customer, reserve the right to unpublished such document and / or ban author and /or hold the balance money on author account.