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SAP IS Utility Device Management (DM) End User Documents


SAP IS utility device management end user manual. Learn 27 transactions of device management with step by step instruction given. This set includes 27 word files (one of each transaction) and 4 basic presentations for device management, ISU regional structure, ISU scheduling and technical master.

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SAP IS Utility Device Management (DM) End User Documents 

This set of documents explain in step by step manner with screenshots, how to do transaction in SAP IS Utility Device Management (DM) . These documents can be used for power user training or end user training in the final preparation phase during implementation.  

These documents help you to understand how to run transactions in SAP and complete your business process. These documents are very helpful for the entire sap user even if they are new to SAP screens.

This set contains four basic presentation on Device Management Module and other 27 word files for how to do transaction in SAP Plant Maintenance and Customer Service (CS).

In this document set we cover following transactions

Basic Concept presentation on,

  • Device Management
  • ISU Regional Structure
  • ISU Scheduling
  • Technical Master

Step by Step end user documents for,

  • EG34 - Billing related Installation 
  • EG35 - Billing Related Removal 
  • ES55 - Create Connection Object
  • ES65 - Create Device Location 
  • ES30 - Create Installation 
  • ES60 - Create Premise 
  • EA43 - Create Schedule Record 
  • EG42 - Device Modification 
  • EL30 - Estimate Meter Reading Result 
  • EL27 - Execute Correct Implausible Meter Reading 
  • EL29 - Execute correct Plausible Meter reading results 
  • EL18 - Execute Estimation 
  • EL22 - Execute fast entry with correction 
  • EL01 - Execute Individual Order Creation 
  • EL09 - Execute Order Creation 
  • EL16 - Execute Order Output 
  • EL28 - Execute Single Entry 
  • EG32 - Full Removal 
  • EG30 - Full Replacement 
  • EG72 - Maintain Device Allocation 
  • EL06 - Mass Order Creation 
  • EL31 - Monitoring of Meter Reading Data 
  • EL35 - Order Output 
  • EL37 - Reverse Meter Reading 
  • EG50 - Reverse Tech InstRemovalReplacement 
  • EG33 - Technical Installation 
  • EG36 - Technical Removal

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU Code SEBK100790
Title SAP IS Utility Device Management (DM) End User Documents
Language English
Author SAP ebooks Team
Files Details 27 Word Files , 4 PPT , 1 ZIP
Format Word , PPT , ZIP
Size (Approx) 8.4 MB
Version | Date 01 JUN 2015, V 1.0
SAP Version ECC 6.0
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Disclaimer We are not linked with SAP AG or any of SAP subsidiary. Our documents are not SAP official education materials.


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